Ignition health and wellness is a Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK company it was found in a city in 2019. We are founded out of a passion for people and need to help those who need it. We believe it is essential to invest in your health in order to enjoy a life full of joy, gratitude, and satisfaction. It is this belief that guides our approach, including the services, teachings, and treatments available. At ignition health and wellness, we focus on helping clients improve their health, and teach them tools to ensure that they can maintain it to.

That our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic, we pride ourselves of the ability to change impact lies in a healthy way. We do so by offering a variety of services to help out all of our client and make it possible to achieve healthier bodies and minds. Every patient has a spark inside of them that will ignite their passion for health and wellness. They just need someone to show them how to fan the flames. We’re so confident within our services, that your first visit is only one dollar. So stop by today and experience the highest reviewed function medical clinic in Norman, Oklahoma.

This Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK practice was formed as just the base idea. An idea that derives from the typical medical practice of today. Getting away from traditional insurance restrictions and criteria. Being free of those restrictions allows us to fully care for our patients in a manner that is necessary for their health. Most insurance plans and healthcare systems have restrictions on practitioners providing alternative or complementary healthcare options. Dr. Gotcher desires to provide a holistic approach to one’s care. Our main goal is to treat the patient as a whole, and not just the disease process.

To provide the best answers for our patients, we utilize the patient’s history and concerns, physical exams, lab tests, and other diagnosed test to identify the potential source of the patient’s symptoms. Lab testing may be utilized dated our examination as well. These laboratory studies can be done through your insurance plan, however, many laboratory tests require you to meet your deductible for the year prior to insurance companies paying for them. For this reason, we provide you with lab studies at our own costs. This way, we are able to get you the best service exactly when you need, see you don’t have to worry about missing on a treatment just because your insurance is now.

We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service and client experiences. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are always more than happy to help with well-being and the overall status of our patients. You can give us a call today at 405-706-8587, or reach out to us any time by going to our website ignitionhealthandwellness.com. You can also find all of our information, some frequently asked questions, and our full list of services online and so much more.

Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK

The owner and founder of our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic is Dr. Gotcher. He was raised up in the big city of Newcastle, Oklahoma. He grew up knowing that hard work really pays off as his mother worked really hard to buy the single wide, two bedroom, one bath trailer that they lived in. Across from the trailer park that they lived in, was a field and was where Michael and all of his friends would play daily. But this wasn’t just any filter them. This is an opportunity for them to explore, create, and develop into the adults they are today. Dr. Gotcher received a Fisher-Price medical bag at an early age and costly use that to tend to his friends injuries while they played. This sparked the passion that led to creating ignition health and wellness.

Through his early childhood, Dr. Gotcher was able to develop a passion for holistic health care and the dream of a Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic was born. During high school, Dr. Gotcher had many interests including woodwork, cars, car audio, law enforcement, medical, and pretty much anything else that came across his path. However, car audio was deftly his favorite hobby throughout high school. Throughout his early childhood into the present, Michael’s interest in cars and car audio only grew stronger.

As Michael’s dream to work for a Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic grew, he knew he had to start somewhere. His junior high school, he began working in various nursing homes doing nurse and medication aide work. This led him to be able to be hired by a staffing agent that allowed him to work in hospitals in various areas. He uses as an opportunity to expand is available knowledge in all aspects of healthcare, all before he even completed high school.

Once he began working in a nursing home, Michael began to seek a way to further expand his knowledge and abilities. He took extra courses to become a certified medical aid, as well as continued training to be a certified nursing assistant. No matter what, he was happy to finally be in the medical field. Although wasn’t a glamorous job, and felt like the top of the world because he was finally getting closer to a career that he truly desired in life. No matter what his hobbies are, healthcare always seem to call to Michael throughout the years.

And from then on out, Michael’s career in the holistic medical field only grew. After high school, he went from program to program learning as much as he possibly could, and getting as many degrees as possible. Dr. Gotcher continues to expand his knowledge year after year, making sure to stay up-to-date with all the latest approaches to anything all things medical care and please offer to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are always more than happy to help the matter what your needs may be you can give us a call today at 405-706-8587, or go to her on my website and check us out there by going to ignitionhealthandwellness.com plus, when you’re online, you can check out all about us, our services, frequently asked questions, and so much more.