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Ignition Health And Wellness
Dr. Michael Gotcher, PhD, APRN – CNP, CNS
2117 West Main St., Norman, OK 73069

The Clinic


Our functional medicine Norman OK clinic, Ignition Health And Wellness sits in the heart of beautiful Norman Oklahoma on the northside of W. Main St. just north east of NW 24th. You will quickly recognize the building by its beautiful black, orange, green and white Ignition Health And Wellness sign back dropped by Gray stucco building. Once inside the clinic, you will quickly realize the atmosphere and environment are so much different than a traditional medical facility. On the left as you walk in on the right you are greeted by a cheerful smiling receptionist who sits at a beautiful L-shaped desk. This desk is Delightfully decorated with colds and grays and white. An old typewriter that sits on the far left of the desk transports you back to a time once forgotten or a noun to many of today’s generations. Looking past this desk you will see a credenza with two beautiful lamps sitting on top of it and various books of interest or current reading. Above the credenza there is a retro picture that is mid century modern. This picture has vibrant, yes subtle greens, yellows, browns and gray. This picture brings life to the room and focuses on the 201 stall corner. To the right of the credenza on the front wall is a beautiful picture window that floods in light of People inside to observe bypassers yet still allowing privacy for those inside for me. Period on the same wall as the credenza, there is a beautiful LED fireplace that provides a beautiful display of a fire as well as providing heat to those in need. Directly across from the fireplace you will see a line of comfortable Beautiful deep orange recliners that you can nestled in while receiving your IV vitamin therapy.

Many of my functional medicine Norman OK clients like to sit in the recliner to the far right by the warm electric fireplace. Across from the door where the recliner sat in between the recliner‘s car three mid century modern meats industrial style and tables. On each end table is the beautiful lamp that provides warm rich yet subtle light creating a relaxing therapeutic environment. Behind the recliners on the wall is a beautiful picture of a warm lake scene with lamps on each side providing more warm calming light. To the right of our functional medicine Norman OK clinic front door is another doorway that enters into a gorgeously decorated consultation and exam room. This room is where your initial appointment and your path to health starts. As you enter the room you will notice two rich Brown leather soft chairs to the left. Above the chairs is a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge in black-and-white with a person in a yellow coat and a yellow umbrella to bring vibrance to the picture. To the right of the chairs on the wall is a mirror. This mirror not only serves to provide reflection but it also allows for a more open feel in the room. To the right of the mirror, and directly across from the chairs, is a metal desk with a patina top that has been epoxied over to preserve its beauty for years to come. Above the desk are several of Dr. Gotcher‘s diplomas from various universities and colleges.

There is also a picture of his kids at functional medicine Norman OK clinic to the right of the diplomas that represent a time when the office was originally opened. His kids helped position the diplomas on the wall in the original office. Below that picture into the right of the desk is a brown examination table with sturdy wooden legs and a padded top. Another portrait adorns the wall above the bed. This picture is an artist’s colorful rendition of a cityscape overlooking a bay. As with the other areas of the clinic, this area two is lit with warm, inviting and calming light.

The City


Norman Oklahoma is a bustling city that is situated just south of Oklahoma City. The city dates back to 1889 when it was settled during the land run of 1889. The city was later Inc. in May 1891. The current population of Norman is estimated to be 124,000 people, but this does widely vary depending on the influx of college students each semester. In the middle of Norman sits the beautiful campus of the University of Oklahoma. This is one of the top universities in this area of the country, And this is the largest university in Oklahoma. Oklahoma university is known for their athletics. Especially gymnastics, basketball and football. At any given time throughout the football season the Sooner’s football stadium has up to 85,000 spectators filling the stands. Several museums reside on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. The Sam noble museum of natural history has been featured in several feature films due to its collection of dinosaur fossils. The Fred Jones Junior Art Museum is known for its large Collection of French impressionist art pieces. It is said to be one of the largest collections in the US.

Norman is also home to the national weather service in addition to our functional medicine Norman OK clinic. The national weather service works in conjunction with the University of Oklahoma to train meteorologists and to do research in the area of weather and climate patterns. In addition, the national weather service works to provide early weather detection and early warning systems to save lives of people around the country.

Norman is also known for its influence on art, music and film. Well-known filmmakers, actors, musicians and singers got their start in Norman. Some well-known names that you might know from Norman are James Garner, Ed Harris and Megyn Price, just to name a few. Many well-known musicians got their start in Norman. To the biggest names are Vince Gill and the very talented music group the flaming lips.

Norman is a wonderful city to visit and explore and to come to our functional medicine Norman OK clinic. It has so much to offer for individuals and for families. Come bring your family and check it out. You won’t regret it.