Dr. Michael Gotcher and Ignition Health & Wellness have been an essential element of what I can only say has been a Personal Renaissance.

After dealing with conventional medical providers for a year and never feeling that I would enjoy a return to full health, Dr. Mike took a deep and very personal interest in enhancing the quality of my life. His hands-on approach to devising an overall success strategy was unlike that of any medical professional I have ever encountered.

On top of ALL of THAT…he is a decent and honorable man committed to advancing the interests of mankind, through his service to every patient, and their family.

I have and will continue to strongly suggest that others will most assuredly benefit not only from exposure to his medical knowledge and understanding, but also by experiencing the care, compassion and concern demonstrated by the man himself.

I recommend Dr. Gotcher without hesitation or reservation, to all who seek a higher quality of life, thru good health, wellness protocol, and the fellowship of another honorable human being.


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Dr. Gotcher is a fantastic doctor that actually LISTENS to his patients and approaches medical issues from many sides including vitamins, nutrition, medications, holistic and conventional medicine. He helped me resolve my issues and I am incredibly thankful. If you are tired of seeing doctors I recommend seeing Dr. Gotcher. His office is also beautiful and very peaceful.


Michael listens and responsive to health changes. I’m a believer in IV Therapy. I struggled with skin issues but those have improved.


Dr. Gotcher is a great guy and wonderful doctor.


Great service!


I received excellent care from Dr Gotcher after having COVID and problems breathing. I was told that my doctor wouldn’t see me because I was sick!  Having after effects from COVID, I received care from Dr Gotcher.


Able to quickly assess and put his finger on the most likely cause to get at the root of the problem. Knows how to resource the body systems in need rather than just turning off symptoms.

Dr. Black

Dr. Gotcher is an attentive and thorough healthcare provider.


Michael is the best!


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Really good doctor, very knowledgeable.


Best decision for my health! Dr. Gotcher is knowledgeable and develops personalized plans just for you. He truly cares.


Dr. Gotcher went above and beyond to help my ear pain, and it healed nicely.


Dr Gotcher is a caring, friendly and knowledgeable provider.  Highly recommended.


Amazing practice!


Amazing services and polite.


Dr. Gotcher is awesome!  He listens and takes time with people. All around good person!


Excellent advice and care from Michael Gotcher! He is friendly, compassionate, and very knowledgeable! Very helpful during my illness. Highly recommend.


I recently had a bout with the Omicron Covid variant. After a visit to my family doctor, I was sent home to rest. Within a few hours of that visit my health began to go really bad, really fast. My wife took me to see Dr. Gotcher that evening. I was very weak, and he discovered that I had Pneumonia in the upper section of my lungs. Dr. Gotcher gave me an IV to rehydrate my body, plus an injection into the IV. He ordered medicine for breathing treatments and I began a slow recovery. Dr. Gotcher kept in contact with my wife, giving her instructions on how to continue my treatment. I really think that without Dr. Gotcher’s help I wouldn’t be here today.

George S.

Dr. Michael Gotcher is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. I started going to his practice a couple of years ago and was amazed at how many things he made better in my life, and all through natural remedies! I can’t recommend him enough!

Dr. K.

Dr. Gotcher is an amazing and knowledgeable provider.


Personal care at the highest standards.


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My health has improved significantly since I made my initial visit. Very knowledgeable, personable and always willing to help.  If I have health concerns or need information they are always willing to guide me in which way to go.  Something rare in today’s climate of healthcare.


Dr. Gotcher is one the most genuine persons I have ever met. When he asks how you are doing, he is actually interested in how you are. He listens to what you have to say which many in the medical field could learn. I would highly recommend him.


I have known Dr. Gotcher for many years. He is a wonderful practitioner and an even better person. I’m always impressed at his knowledge of current medical practices both in the traditional and holistic sense. Highly recommend.


I stumbled upon Ignition Health and Wellness during my quest for wellness. Dr. Gotcher has truly been amazing and I look forward to my next appointment.


I really appreciate Dr. Gotcher.  He truly cares about his patients and their well-being.  He got me back on my feet in no time.

Chris B.

Very professional and thorough.

Mike Y.

Dr. G is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and attentive. The whole experience was wonderful. He listened to me, gave his input and suggested a treatment plan that has me feeling better than I have in a long time. I cant say enough about this clinic and this doc. It was refreshing to be heard and treated like an individual. I’m very grateful and eager to continue my treatment plan.


Dr Michael Gotcher was literally a lifesaver for me. My husband took me to the ER because I was severely dehydrated, they gave me a liquid infusion and booted me out.  I had a severe case of Covid and he immediately did a video-chat and got me started on the necessary meds.  He kept in constant contact to ensure I was getting better. I honestly feel like I would have died without the immediate help of Dr Gotcher, I am forever grateful for him.


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He is the best, I’m so glad I went here, very knowledgeable and through. Definitely coming back. Made me feel me again

Joshua H.

Dr.Gotcher is professional and caring ! He takes the time to hear your concerns and get you feeling the best ever!  IV therapy is a life saver!


Genuine and honest. Truly takes the time to listen. Impressive medical knowledge and years of experience. Everyone loves Micheal!


Dr. Gotcher is an OUTSTANDING provider. Very passionate and attentive to all his patients, not to mention HILARIOUS!!!!! He definitely goes above and beyond.


Dr. Gotcher is a TRUE professional. He does a fantastic job while making me laugh along the way. This guy is a great provider and I really appreciate his professionalism.


I had such a great experience here! Dr. Gotcher will sit and listen to all of your concerns and address every one of them! I love that he doesn’t push meds and instead will try to get to the root of a problem first! 10/10 recommend!


Great facility!  I am so glad they are here. Dr. Gotcher is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful!


Dr. Gotcher has taken great care of my family!  He is VERY professional and well educated.  Health care professionals like him are few and far between.  He is able to find the root of the problem and fix it, rather than just treating the symptoms.  I highly recommend him!


Dr Gotcher is a very kind and compassionate man who knows his stuff.  I recommend him to anyone who is ready to take control of their health.


We value the feedback of our functional medicine Norman OK patients highly – click here to read their Google reviews and see what they have to say for yourself.


Great place! Really appreciate Dr Gotcher!!


Michael Gotcher is on the cutting edge of true wellness based medicine as opposed to allopathic sickness and pharmaceutical based medicine. Can he write prescriptions? Sure. Can he get you well enough to get off them and truly live healthy? Most likely. He is a gift to anyone wise enough to see him. (I am a traveling RN of 30 yrs who has had many doctors, NPs, and PAs both integrated and not involved in my care. Michael is the best so far.


Dr. Gotcher is patient and very knowledgeable! He takes the time needed to listen and has such a passion for health and wellness.


Dr Gotcher was a lifesaver for my husband & myself navigating this COVID season. He got us through it via tele/ health. We are extremely grateful for the referral from a trusted family member. We would recommend Dr Gotcher to anyone looking for treatment, or preventive care for COVID.


I was introduced to Ignition Health and Wellness through through a friend while I was very sick with COVID pneumonia. I highly recommend this practice and Dr. Gotcher to anyone looking for help navigating their health.

Dr. Gotcher reviewed the breathing medications which I had been prescribed and adjusted what I was taking. He took the time to explain what regimen I should be following (the urgent care doc and the pharmacist who originally prescribed to me had differing instructions).

The vitamin infusions I received really seemed to help as I began to turn around after my first visit. Dr. Gotcher checked on me via text and I was able to reach out with questions for a quick response. I really appreciate that he can prescribe medications if needed, but his goal was to get me off the medications as soon as possible, and back to health.

The wellness based medicine approach that Ignition Health and Wellness is such a refreshing change of pace for a medical office. One of the things I really like about functional medicine’s approach to health is that it looks at the whole body and evaluating everything that is happening together and creating a plan for wellness that does not (if possible) depend long term on pharmaceuticals. This natural medicine approach is the first step towards a life of health.

I look forward to continuing my journey to balancing my hormones and finding a truly naturally healthy life with the guidance and assistance of Dr. Gotcher and Ignition Health and Wellness.


Dr. Gotcher is helpful, responsive and really cares about his patients. He has cared for me and my family for years.


Michael is great and knowledgeable.



Dr. Gotcher is wonderful with a more natural approach. He helped me recover from nerve damage. Highly recommended.


Dr. Gotcher is a great listener and goes out of his way to address questions and concerns.  Highly recommend if you’re looking for caring and compassionate healthcare.


Dr. Gotcher is absolutely amazing!!!!  He listens to his patients and their concerns.  He explains things in detail so patients understand the treatment plan.  I highly recommend Dr. Gotcher and will continue seeing him.  Dr. Gotcher thank you for being so amazing!

Bob S.

He puts the patient first, and is dependable, patient, thorough, and kind.


Great attention to ones need.  Trustful and discreet.


Great customer service.


Dr. Gotcher is very knowledgeable in medicine, supplements and alternative medicine.


My experience with Ignition Health and Wellness was amazing. Dr. Michael Gotcher is awesome, and explains everything so you understand. Highly recommended.


Michael really listens and provides great care.  I would definitely choose Ignition for ongoing healthcare needs!


In a time when my  primary care wasn’t taking her covid symptom’s serious, Dr Gotcher went out of his way to take care of me. Best doctor I know!


Very knowledgeable and courteous. Dr. Gotcher takes the time to listen and truly cares. Highly recommend.Amanda


Dr Gotcher really helps. He is easy to get a hold of and checked on our progress. Great experience!


Been seeing Dr. Gotcher for years. If you want concerned, thoughtful medical care. He is simply the best! I appreciate all he has done for our family. Highly recommended.

Shawn S.

Functional health with a holistic flare!


Michael is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate caregivers I have ever encountered. I would recommend anyone to see him for their health needs.


Dr. Gotcher is great. He really knows his stuff and is able to do some amazing things!

Dr. B.

Micheal Gotcher helped my daughter as she was experiencing lack of energy, dizziness and digestion issues. He quickly diagnosed her and got her back on track to feeling better. We are grateful for his expertise in overall whole body health and not just treatment of a symptom. Micheal treated the causation factors that she could control.

I highly recommend Micheal Gotcher to anyone looking for personalized treatment geared to help you be your healthiest you.


Dr. Gotcher listens to what you have to say and talks to you about each concern you have, and develops a plan made for you. I have recommended Dr. Gotcher to many family & friends. When I got Covid he was a life saver. He was on vacation with his family an still took my call and talk to me for 25 minutes  and called in medicine for me!


Great place, Michael is awesome and very knowledgeable!


Excellent care!  Great staff and provider!!  Michael Gotcher has lots of experience, smart, and caring!  I     Highly recomened the Ignition health and wellness clinic!


Dr. Micheal is awesome, very professional and knowledgeable.  Great experience.


Michael Gotcher is amazing. Truly compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable to care for your medical needs. He has provided care to me and my family for years. I completely trust him.

Wendy P.

Dr. Gotcher is an excellent provider.  He has seen several of my family members.  He recently diagnosed my daughter with a rare medical condition that had been missed by previous providers.  We are SO thankful for his attentiveness and expertise that has helped us get to the root of our daughter’s symptoms.


Personalized healthcare at its finest!


Dr Gotcher is fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and kind!


Michael is the best at what he does. He cares for people more than any else. Thank you for taking care of me and my family 👪

Highly recommended!


Love this caring doctor.


Michael is a doctor of integrity. He also takes the time to understand your unique situation.


Dr. Michael Gotcher is wonderful and very intuitive.  He was able to get me off of Metformin and manage my sugar levels better. I’m so excited that I found him.


Outstanding clinician and care. Would recommend highly.

John G.

Rock solid Doctor.  No nonsense.  Knew his stuff. Was interested in what I was saying.  Felt to me like someone who really cares about his patients.  Can’t recommend him enough.  Also the prices were good.


Love Michael! He is so knowledgeable and extremely helpful! He is high energy and makes learning about health fun.


Dr. Gotcher is a life saver! I started seeing him in October for all natural treatment and hydration. I also see a PCP at Mercy. When my whole family got Covid over Christmas he was the only provider that would see me. He was the only provider who would treat me. I got severely dehydrated and ended up with Covid pneumonia. I tried to see my PCP at Mercy and they refused to see me until day 15. Gotcher saw me a few times over my course of Covid and is the only reason I did not end up in the hospital. I still see him for a multitude of reasons; hydration, hormone replacement, and when I get ill. Having a provider like him around these days is an absolute blessing. Thank you for all you do! Highly recommend!


Michael Gotcher is a very knowledgeable and caring provider. He treats a variety of illnesses with more natural solutions than traditional medicine and is concerned about the overall health of the patient.


Dr. Gotcher is wonderful!  He is knowledgeable and has a  great sense of humor!  My daughter and I look forward to learning from him each time we visit with him!  Can’t say enough positive things about him!!


I have been coming to Dr. Gotcher for over a year now.  His professionalism and knowledge about all areas of health and wellness are impressive. He has been a blessing sent from God for our family.


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