The big idea here as this Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK practice formed started as a simple idea. An idea that diverged from the typical medical practice of today. We want to get away from traditional insurance restrictions and criteria and be fully free of those restrictions to allow us to leave help each and every one of our clients. The three of these restrictions allows us to fully care for our patients in a manner that is necessary for their health. Our clinic offers a holistic approach to one’s care that most clinics around us do not. We also make it easy by providing memberships for all of our services.

Our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic offers four different levels of membership. We try to tailor to all of our clients needs by offering multiple memberships, plus a bonus membership for hormone needs. Let’s start with membership level I. This is our base level membership that can suit just about anybody’s needs. Within this membership, one free lipo-b, lipo-c, or methylcobalamin injection per month +20% off your second objection if you decide to get another one. Moving up to level II, you get four injections per month, +10% off additional addictions, +10% off one IV vitamin infusion per month. Our membership level II is our most popular package.

Membership level III for our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK patients include one free IV fusion per month. +2 free injections per month, as well as 10% off additional injections and 10% off additional IV infusions. This is right behind our number two membership package as the most popular. In this transitions up to level IV. With this membership level, you get to free IV infusions, +4 free injections per month, plus the additional 10% off introductions as well as 10% off IV infusions. But no matter which memberships you decide to go with, all of them will exclude high-dose vitamin C infusions.

Now let’s talk about our bonus membership, a hormone membership. When you decide to pair this worship with a different one, you get a follow-up visit every three months that is fully included within this membership. It also includes one medical or sick visit per month that you weren’t prepared for. We also do follow-up complete blood count twice a year, comprehensive metabolite panels, testosterone, estrogen, and PSA included. Plus, you also get a 10% discount on IVs and injections. We will also include weekly weigh ins and body composition analysis to help keep you on track.

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time regarding any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. We are always more than happy to help. You can reach out to us today by calling 405-706-8587, or by checking out on my website at any time. Plus, you will find all the information and so much more online. We look for to take care of all of your medical needs providing a holistic approach to medical care.

Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK

We offer top-of-the-line IV nutrient therapy for all of our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK patients. With these IV vitamin infusions, you receive minerals and vitamins directly into your bloodstream. This allows for better source of over oral supplements. Plus, it could help alleviate bloating, irritability, a double discomfort, and back pain. It will also help by acne, wrinkles, and tight skin from the inside out. You also stay hydrated and by utilizing IV vitamin therapy to its fullest, you can combat fatigue at every step. Another big plus, it will boost your immune system and make you feel better, faster. But make sure you get the best care, let’s go over some of the aftercare.

There are many benefits for our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK patients to utilize our IV vitamin therapy. But many don’t know what to do after they are done with their treatment. One of the biggest things we recommend is to avoid any types of alcohol. This allows your liver time to recover from yourselves detoxification. It also helps from damaging your body further. Make sure to drink a lot of water to flush out your system and help speed up the recovery process as well. And if your body is not feeling well, let your body disposed of how much it needs to to further detox. Do not take any anti-medications to prevent this. Keep your writer up-to-date regarding your symptoms to make sure that we stay on top of anything, just in case something more serious developes.

One of the favorite things we would recommend to our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK patients is to take up magnesium salt bath. The magnesium can help draw toxins which will ultimately speed up the detox process and help you recover even faster. If you’re feeling a little stopped up, constipated, take high-dose oral vitamin C, cooking oil, tumor, and were magnesium. All of these have been shown to help loosen up the insides. But sometimes, an enema may be necessary. All of this will help the body detoxify faster and help you feel better sooner.

Intermittent fasting may be helpful to allow your digestive system to take a break. Maybe drink a cup or two about broth with half a teaspoon of Celtics he sought each day to help alleviate any stress in your body. The fat and protein in the process should keep you satisfied in replenishment minerals and some nutrients. Fruit juice and juicing can help raise insulin levels and make you feel worse throughout the detox phase. This is why it is better to utilize our helpful tips and tricks to make you feel better at the end. However, if you feel the need to do this, consider adding some coconut oil to it’s a slow down the absorption of glucose and reduce insulin response.

Final thoughts, continue with the IV vitamin infusions, make sure that you inform the functional medicine practitioner regarding side effects, if any. Most side effects should pass and in the long run, you will have a healthier body and healthier cells. Call us today at 405-706-8587, check us out at a time by going to a website Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.