Our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK, ignition health and wellness, sits in the heart of our beautiful community. You will quickly recognize the building by its beautiful black, orange, green, and white ignition health and wellness sign backdrop by gray stucco buildings. Once inside the clinic, you will quickly realize the atmosphere environment are so much different than traditional medical facilities. This is what we strive to provide. This is why we are often considered one of the easiest, and stress free clinics in the area.

When you walk into our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic the first thing you’ll see is our cheerful smiling receptionist. We guarantee that you will always be greeted by our amazing staff who sits at a beautiful L-shaped desk as soon as you walk inside. This test is delightfully decorated with colds and grays and whites. To keep an ascetic going, an old typewriter it’s on the far left of the desk. This will transport you back in time to once forgot and not known to many of today’s generation. This is one way that we become an unforgettable experience in the best way possible.

We try to make the most for our atmosphere for our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic. Now that we talked about the desk, let’s look a little about that. You will see a credenza with you beautiful them sitting on top of it in various books of interest but some of our staff are currently reading. Above the credenza, there is a retro picture that is midcentury modern. This picture has vibrant, subtle greens, yellows, browns, and gray. This picture brings life to the room and focuses on the 201 stall corner.

We want you to feel at ease when you walk into our clinic. We know our interior decor is minimalistic, but it helps open up the space and brings a lightheartedness to the entire atmosphere. Now he looked to the right of the credenza on the front wall, there is a beautiful picture window that floods in light to the people inside. But, it still provides privacy for our clients on the inside. On the same wall as you see the credenza, there is beautiful LED fireplace and provide the beautiful display of fire as well as providing heat those in need. And directly across my fireplace, you will see a line of comfortable and beautiful deep orange recliners that you can nestle and are receiving your IV vitamin therapy. We’d really try to promote a relaxing atmosphere while you’re here.

And this is just the start of our clinic. This is even get into any of the services that we provide or any of the other experiences that we are happy to be included with. We are here to provide the absolute best for each and every one of our clients. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. We are always more than happy to talk. You can give us a call today at 405-706-8587, or you can reach out to us by going for online website ignitionhealthandwellness.com at anytime.

Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK

Our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic is in the middle of a bustling city that is just situated south of Oklahoma City. Norman, Oklahoma dates back to 1889 when it settled during the land run that same year. The city was later incorporated in May 1891. The current population of Mormon is estimated to be 124,000 people, but this does widely vary depending on the influx of college students each semester. In the middle of Normon, sits a beautiful campus of the University of Oklahoma. And this is just the start of our community. We are proud to serve this community when it comes to any and all things medical. And we are glad to be the locals go to choice when they are looking for a clinic to suit their needs.

By being a interactional Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic with our community, we like to be involved. When it comes to our University of Oklahoma, we are proud that this is one of the top universities in the area of the country. Plus, this is the largest university in Oklahoma. Oklahoma University is known for its athletics. Especially gymnastics, basketball, and football. So we see a lot of athletes come through our doors. And we are always proud to serve them and let them continue on their career path to being the best in representing Oklahoma. At any given time throughout the football season, the sooners football stadium has up to 85,000 spectators fill in the stands. This can lead to some incidents. We are always there to help those in need.

So whether you’re just a casual bystander in an accident, or part of our community, our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic can help you today. Our committee also has several museums that reside on the campus of the University. The Sam Noble Museum of Natural History has been featured in several feature films due to its collective of dinosaur fossils. The Fred Jones Junior our Museum is known for its large collection of fresh impression art pieces as well. It is said to be one of the largest collections in the United States. And it is proudly nestled in our community.

We are humbled to be a part of this community and so much more. Norman is also known for its influence on art, music, and film. But it should also be known for its influence on us. Norman is a wonderful city to visit and explore. And when you come to explore it, just in case you get hurt, keep us in mind. It is so much fun to offer our services to individuals and families and give them peace of mind knowing that they will be taken care of. Come bring your family and check it out, you won’t regret it. And as a little fun part, Norman is also home to the National Weather Service in addition to our amazing clinic. In addition, the National Weather Service works arrived early weathered detection and early warning systems to save lives and people around the country.

We are proud to be part of this community. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can give us a call today at 405-706-8587, check us out at anytime by going to our website ignitionhealthandwellness.com.