Let’s take this time to introduce you to the Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK, Dr. Michael Gotcher. Michael is a family nurse practitioner and a clinical nurse specialist. They also have a PhD in natural medicine and nutritional sciences. They’ve also been thoroughly trained in functional medicine and in Naturopathy. Combining this with years of experience, they are able to bring all clients the best experience, the best medicine, and the best help around. In addition, they have also had training and advanced Ivy nutritional therapy as well as advanced hormone replacement therapy. So no matter what your needs may be, we have you covered.

We love to treat patients with our Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK and holistic standpoints. Michael has been trained in Western medical care as well as alternative therapies. We do believe there are times that both are appropriate for a patient. And we’re here to get the best and corrects treatments each and every one of our clients. Figure out what is important is not just about the education or degrees, it’s about listening to the patient themselves. This is how we go above and beyond unlike many of our competitors. Were not just pushing conventional medicines, we are listening to our patients and giving them what they want, along with what they need.

We will be the first to met when we are wrong here at Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK. There has been many times that we have preconceptions of what we think is going on with the patient, only to find out that we are completely wrong later on. That is why we have been given to ears to hear as it says in the Bible. Even given one mouth. Listening to a patient is more important and vital to optimizing their care. By utilizing this technique, we are able to enhance our patient care and overall experience when they are for medical help. We find that many times, if you stop and listen to your patient, you hear the diagnosis.

For this reason, in our practice, we try to take as much time as possible with each and every patient. To give each and every patient one-on-one attention no matter how long it takes. As is the case with other clinics, we don’t limit our patients to a 15 or 20 minute appointment. We spent as much time as needed. An initial visit with the patient, sometimes meaning spending an hour or an hour and a half listening to the patient to best good idea of what is actually affecting them. Even our follow-up visits last half an hour, but usually end up going longer. Decisions are guarantee that you will get the best there is no matter what.

Ignition health and wellness once you to feel cared for in a way that you can never have. We want you to feel like you have been listened to and you are heard. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, call us today at 405-706-8587. Or go online to our website answer website and check out all of our information and more.

Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK

The Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK practice formed as an idea. And since then, has grown to one of the most high is reviewed and leading holistic clinics in the area. An idea that diverge from the typical medical practice of today, but is going to do something so much more. Getting away from additional insurance restrictions and criteria. Being free of those restrictions allows Dr. Gotcher and his staff to fully care for a patient in the manner that is necessary for their health. Most insurance plans and healthcare systems have restrictions on practitioners providing alternative or complementary healthcare options. We strive to provide a holistic approach to one’s care, when desired.

Our goal being the leading Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK is to treat the patient as a whole and not just the disease process. For this reason, Dr. Gotcher does not accept insurance. Full payment will be required at the time of service. If you’d like to transmit the paid invoice for your insurance company for possible reimbursement, please inform us and our staff and they will gladly provide you with an itemized service invoice with billing codes. Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid does not recognize Dr. Gotcher’s services, so reimbursement is not possible on these plans. This is one of the downsides when partnering with us, but there are so many upsides that it really does cancel it out.

There are many pros and cons of looking for a Functional Medicine Doctor Norman OK clinic. We were to talk about our biggest con, so let’s focus on the pros. Each of our clients will get a personalized and individualized plan of care that will suit their needs, and nothing that they don’t. Plus, all of our medical care is fully affordable, so insurance really shouldn’t affect it. We also go above and beyond provide testosterone therapy for men and women as well as hormone replacement therapy for women. We understand that not many clients, especially in our area provide these. This is one of our ways to help our community continue to grow and get better day in and day out.

A few more of our pluses include weight management program including the shape reclaim project. We also provide nutrient education and guidance for those who need it. We also provide vitamin injections and so much more. What are you looking for an IVR and IM, our clinic and get you covered. We even recommend a high-dose vitamin C IV infusions, along with IV vitamin and rehydration therapy. But we can keep talking about a lot of our pluses, but it’ll probably be easier for you just to go to our online website and find out for yourself.

Check our website by going to ignitionhealthandwellness.com and see all the services that we provide so much more. It also feature a list of frequently asked questions, are full services, and so much more information. And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us by calling 405-706-8587 today. We are always more than happy to help with whatever your needs may be.