We want to help you find the best Functional Medicine Norman Ok in the area! We all know how important taking care of yourselves is for a happy and healthy life. There are many doctors who like to overcharge, give you unnecessary information, and will prescribe many medications that will not actually solve your problem. Over here at Ignition Health and Wellness, we’re here for you and only you. We are not only affordable but we will take the time to get to know the real issue so that we can find the best solution.

Ignition Health and Wellness was founded by Dr. Michael Gotcher in 2019. Since opening up, we have been able to impact thousands of lives with their health and wellness journey. We are the best and most reviewed medical clinic in Functional Medicine Norman. We want to get away from the traditional standards of a healthcare facility. This means that they try to stay away from insurance restrictions and criteria. The goal here is to be different and better than other medical facilities. That is why we like to provide an easier, holistic approach when caring for each of our patients. Patients come to us because we use a variety of different information to allow us to help you better. We actually create an entire report with this information, as well as the name to you with both ears, so that we can help you better than a traditional doctor.

Here at Ignition Health and Wellness, we specialize in many different things ; these include only giving out functional medicine, the use of IV vitamin therapy, and hormone and testosterone therapy. We offer many different memberships that go in depth with our specialties. After visiting our website, you are able to see all of the reviews and testimonials from the many patients we have helped over the years. We also have a FAQ page where you can get all of your concerns and questions answered before you sign up. You will be amazed at the way we transform people’s lives as the best Functional Medicine Norman in the area.

The company has grown tremendously due to the hard work of owner, Dr. Michael Gotcher, and his team of individuals who strive to give the best care to their patients on a daily basis. Most people prefer to come to us for their health and wellness journey because we do things differently. We continue to provide a holistic Functional Medicine Norman Ok approach when caring with her patients. We like to utilize the patient’s history, listen to their concerns, conduct physical exams, and take important information from lab tests and other diagnostic tests. This allows us to be able to identify the source of our patients problem which helps us to find a solution.

If you’re looking for a facility to help you with your Functional Medicine Norman Ok health and wellness, check out ignitionhealthandwellness.com for all of your needs. You may also call us at 405-706-8587 to get your first appointment scheduled! After visiting the website, I am sure that you will choose this company to help you improve your life.

Will These Functional Medicine Norman Ok Solutions Help?


Many people are trying to find a new Functional Medicine Norman Ok because the one they have been going to for years turns out to be unethical and simply takes advantage of them. Health and wellness is extremely important for a happy life and a happy body. It is difficult to stay consistent with a healthy regimen for your mental and physical health and that is why people try to find a good doctor. Unfortunately, most people are stuck paying incredibly large bills and are not getting the proper care that they need. Ignition Health and Wellness is not only affordable but will tend to your needs as if you were there own.

At Ignition Health and Wellness, we are here for your benefit and advantage. We are a Functional Medicine Norman Ok. We are an awesome company that specializes in IV vitamin therapy, testosterone/hormone therapy, and functional medicine. Not only that, but we offer many memberships that go in-depth regarding his areas. The way we do things here will help you get back on the path to health and wellness. We are able to improve your health and give you tools that will make sure that you can maintain it in the long run. By signing up for membership, it will allow us to impact your life in ways you could ever imagine.

There are many benefits when you choose Ignition Health and Wellness to help you on your health and wellness journey. By choosing Ignition Health and Wellness as your Functional Medicine Norman Ok, you will have a great outcome with all of the benefits that they offer. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to: affordable medical care, testosterone therapy, nutritional education and guidance, weight management, and even more. It is simply amazing what this company can do for you. After just a few sessions with us, you will notice a change in it will make you feel so good. On our website, you are able to read the many reviews that we have acquired throughout the years of transforming people’s lives.

Dr. Michael Gotcher is the founder of Functional Medicine Norman and has been studying health and wellness for many years. He continues to study to ensure that he is up to date with the newest technology and information that will aid and the assistance of patients even better. Gotcher started the company out because he wanted to decrease the negative outcomes of patients who have been seen by unethical and unaffordable doctors. The goal is to care for patients in a more holistic way and to truly see them without judgments and assumptions.

As you can see, this company can benefit you greatly on your journey. Times can be so difficult but with the help of Dr. Michael Gotcher and his team of assistants, you will feel better in no time. Please visit our website, ignitionhealthandwellness.com or call us at 405-706-8587 to get your first appointment scheduled, which will only be a dollar. We hope to see you soon!